Walk & Talk Residency

July 2016

Craft residency during the annual Walk&Talk festival based on site specific cultural creation in the Azores Islands. The RARA crafts residency brought together designers and local craftsmen working in materials such as wood, stone, wicker, textile and ceramics. I have been invited to work with the Ceramica Viera pottery to create pieces that reference traditional hand-painted patterns. Walk&Talk is an annual arts festival. It’s a platform for a transdisciplinary and continuous programming: walks and talks for the reflection, creation and contemporary artistic circulation, 365 days a year and in multiple geographies. The first edition happened in 2011. In six years, Walk&Talk has hosted more than 220 creators and collectives, from artistic residencies to the presentation of inedited projects, and gave São Miguel island a Public Art Circuit which now has around 70 art works, mapped and visitable all year round.